Friday, August 24, 2018

A very cold week of low temperatures in the mornings with frost patches apparent on many fairway areas, particularly on Tuesday.  Courses in Brisbane actually had full frost cover which isn't a good thing as motorised buggies cause leaf burn as they move over the turf.  Even wheeled buggies can cause dramas so thanks to our coastal location we generally only get frost patches.  I remember Garth Shambrook telling me that he only ever saw one complete frost on the courses in all his years here.

Frost patches on 1R fairway.
And speaking of Garth, here he is on the right with his happy band of volunteer Dads Army lads circa 1998.

Dads army
This time last year I was lamenting the dry weather we were experiencing with only 4mm of rain falling in August.  That was then followed in September by the first month I had seen no rain recorded!!  Only 2mm so far this August so hopefully the forecast rain this week end arrives overnight Saturday to freshen the courses up and allow the mixed 4somes to go ahead unhindered.  It has been a dry year by our standards with just 855mm recorded YTD compared with recent years;  2017 - 1040mm,  2016 - 1310mm,  2015 - 1760mm,  2014 - 840mm,  2013 - 1925mm and 2012 - 1926.

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