Friday, August 27, 2021

Just a week of routine maintenance with the reduced crew thanks to the border closure.  Only seven staff on course early in the week with a couple on pre arranged annual leave.  Ramped all the way up to nine by weeks end though!!  We have been joined by two qualified greenkeepers from Hope Island and The Grand.  I don't think either of them have ever seen so many golfers on a course at the one time.  Particularly on Friday when there was no room to move on either course. Unfortunately they may be here for a while.

I came in to set some irrigation last Saturday evening and got the dreaded call from the Pro Shop that there's water everywhere near 1W green.  Got out there to find a six inch mainline had let go so instead of scheduling irrigation it was a cancellation program sent out.  A large sub-surface area was impacted by the volume of water and hence the large area left after the repair requiring re-turfing.

1W awash.


Tweed Shire Council have a contractor who is monitoring the movement of foxes throughout the Shire and they have visited the course a number of times over the past few weeks.  At this stage there have been no dens identified on our property but certainly quite a lot of activity overnight which I can vouch for as I regularly see them on my morning round.  To help gain data of actual movement there have been a number of motion sensor cameras installed around the property such as the one below.


Camera near 9W tee.  

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