Monday, February 28, 2022

Wow.  212mm of rain on the courses in the 24 hours to 9am this morning then a further 96mm until it stopped raining for a bit at 2pm.  Still not as much as some other locations but plenty for us.  One of the boys comes from Uki where they recorded 575mm in the 24 hours till 9am and then a staggering 319 mm after 9am this morning.  I haven't heard from him yet so I trust he is safe.  And I hope all our members and staff are also safe and secure.

Unfortunately it looks like it's a dirty flood too meaning there's lots of debris being washed in.  A few shots below at low tide Monday afternoon and I'm doubting there will be much golf in the near future.  One fortunate aspect for us is that the wind hasn't been so bad for such a weather event.  There are a few trees down and lots of branches but nowhere near as bad as some previous storms of this type. 

Entry road rear half way West on low tide.


1R fairway from 10R tee.

1R green.  I have never seen water on the front of the green before.

Debris on the levee bank road behind 2R tee.

7R green is to the left behind the palm tree.


18W tee down there somewhere.


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