Friday, November 19, 2010

Encroachment 4

The West greens were treated today with a product that helps control and prevent Couchgrass from flourishing in the greens.  As I have mentioned before there is no sure fire method of completely removing the foreign Couchgrass and the best we can hope for is containment.  There is a stain on the greens from the application that should wash in and/or grow out over a couple of days.  In contrast to the new product I have trialled on other greens that has resulted in quite a distinct dis-colouration, this stain is not permanent.

Staining on sprayed areas

The pump that re-circulates water through the dams at 7 / 8 West has broken down and is currently being assessed for repair.  The water in these dams is very salty/muddy and there is an abundance of aquatic weed and mussels of all things that make the life of a pump in this situation difficult to say the least.

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