Friday, November 26, 2010

It's truly amazing just how many leaves trees can produce and then let the wind blow them all over the golf courses!  Surely there can't be anymore left up there to blow down.  The wind has finally started to moderate and it is a credit to my staff the way they persisted with the blowing and clearing leaves and sticks from the main playing areas.  It can be frustrating sometimes when you are literally up against the wind but they did a great job under the circumstances.  It may seem a waste of time to players to be doing so much clearing in the windy conditions but the more sunlight we can get to the turf the better and the better the enjoyment of the game.

The fan at the 17th West green has had its final tweakings and has now been permanently mounted on some scaffolding and prettied up with some shade cloth.  There are still lots of people asking about it so it will definitely be a topic of conversation at next Thursdays course information session.  The fan produces air flow of 35 kmh 2 metres from it and I have recorded flow of up to 7 kmh at the front of the green.  It may seem strange for it to be operating in the windy conditions but it is important for the air movement to continue whenever there is a drop in wind velocity.
Final resting place

We are slowly but surely updating our rubbish bin / ball washer / NTP card holders.  They do take quite a bit of time to assemble and are being done as time allows our Head Mechanic Craig Plowman.  They look quite smart with the stainless steel post a great improvement over the old timber.  
Very nice addition

The Yagi antenna that was mentioned in an earlier post has operated faultlessly and three other locations will now have them installed over the coming weeks.  With the temperatures rising it is crucial that the irrigation control system is operating at its best.

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