Friday, February 26, 2016

At last a couple of days of light wind and a chance to clean the tree debris off the fairways.  It makes such a difference to see the courses without all the leaf litter although the forecast is for strong southerlies starting up again tomorrow.  Hopefully the forecast of the chance of some rain comes true because the courses are very dry.  A couple of issues at the Council water treatment plant reduced our flows this week and for two nights only very select fairways areas were able to be irrigated.

You know it's dry when you can see the drainage lines

I mentioned last week that I thought the courses were potentially in the best condition I have seen them and I think they may have even improved a tad more this week.  It's been very pleasing to hear the many comments from members and players complimenting the crew on just how good the courses are and thanking them for their efforts.

And the view from 2 River tee doesn't get much better than this on Thursday just before lunch.  The water was crystal clear and blue as could be.  Unfortunately as I turned around the sprinklers started coming on after the builders at the pump shed broke a water line which took pressure off the sprinkler control system so a beautiful day turned nasty for a little while until repairs were carried out.
Beautiful one day - perfect the next??

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