Friday, February 5, 2016

I seem to be starting every post off with "It's been another hectic week on the courses" but it certainly has been this week.  The pump shed extension has continued and will make for a more functional building than what was there before.  I often refer to the pump shed as the "heart" of the golf club as it pumps the much needed water out to the courses almost non stop.  This pump station was installed in 2000 and has barely missed a beat since.  It consists of 2 x 40 HP motors and 4 x 80 HP motors and is capable of pumping 4,000 litres of water per minute and a full irrigation cycle in summer will see 1.2 million litres pumped onto the courses.

Whilst talking irrigation 2 new sprinklers were placed at the rear of 7R green to pick up the 2 new mounds where the rear bunker once was.

The fairways are growing faster than I have ever seen them with the 100mm of rain last Friday sending them surging.  A plant growth regulator is used on them and is normally applied every four weeks.  The last two applications have only lasted three weeks each which I haven't seen before.  There is a patch in the middle of 13R fairway that has deliberately not been sprayed on the last two occasions to allow for comparison.  The color and thickness of the turf compared to the surrounding turf is quite amazing.

Lush growth mid 13R fairway

The new practice green is progressing well and is now down to greens mowing height and just requires some more mowing to fine the leaf up.  It's pretty impressive for eight weeks old!!

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