Friday, June 3, 2016

Let's hope the weather forecast is a little off and we escape the worst of what is supposedly coming.  A few minor irrigation issues this week that were quickly overshadowed by preparations for the deluge that is on its way.  All drains were trimmed and cleaned out to try and have them working at capacity and dams that can be lowered were also done.  We had 12mm of rain in a heavy shower on Wednesday night followed by 10mm on Thursday night before the rain came in on Friday afternoon.  The courses are very dry and it will take some time for the water to soak in but what we have had so far has been most welcome.  

This type of prolonged wet weather provides the perfect situation for disease to attack the greens, particularly the West greens so hopefully they are in a state of health that will resist the conditions.

A few new signs have been placed on the courses with respect to the recycled water that we have used for some 35 years to irrigate the golf courses.  The club is in the final stages of re signing the supply agreement with Tweed Council and the signage is one of many conditions we need to meet to satisfy the regulators. 

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