Sunday, June 5, 2016

Wow thank heavens that's over.  I emptied the rain gauge at 5pm on Saturday afternoon and tipped out 92mm from 9am that followed the 98mm that I tipped out on Saturday morning.  The gauge had actually overflowed overnight Saturday and there was 238mm in it to give us a grand total of 330mm for the 24 hours till 9am Sunday and 427mm since it started raining on Friday afternoon.  Add the 24mm we had on Wednesday and Thursday and we total 451mm for the week!!  That's 18 inches of rain!!

At this stage the courses will both be closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with an assessment made at lunchtime Tuesday regarding the rest of the week.

The river level is lower than I expected with it only just breaching the levee bank on this mornings high tide which is a positive but there is an enormous amount of water that needs to drain off the courses. There is a huge amount of debris strewn across the courses that will take time to clear as well but there are no complete trees down which is remarkable to say the least.  Probably only a dozen branches will require a chainsaw.

Some photos below to give you an idea of how much water is out there.

An eerie sunrise on the river.

The normally bone dry 1 West
7 River

11 River

High water mark on 1 River green

Ladies 6 River tee

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