Friday, December 9, 2016

cooli golf long movie

The video above was done for the Club by our excavator operator Scott King from some time lapse photography and also some drone footage and gives a good insight in to just what happens in the construction process that we go through on the greens.

The other West back 9 greens continue to develop and the cover was taken off 18W this week after 20 days and the coverage and growth was amazing.  The warmer overnight temperatures are keeping the soil temperature up which assists the establishment phase of the grass and this coupled with the higher humidity also accelerates the establishment.  On the front 9 on the West these weather conditions are exactly why the Bentgrass struggles throughout the warmer months.
Some very welcome rainfall this past week with nearly 40mm falling on the courses and getting the grass moving across the property.  The look of the radar as the storms approached was pretty scary and it might be a blessing that they somewhat dissipated as they crossed the coast.  Having said that the lightning we did receive took its toll on a few trees and a few of our irrigation controllers in the field.

Our Irish recruit Sean giving 18W its first mow @ 6mm

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