Friday, December 23, 2016

Not really a lot to report this week other than the new West course TifEagle greens are progressing very well and 13 and 16 are right on schedule to open in the first week of January as planned.  11 has progressed exceptionally well and will probably open at the same time with 14 and 15 not far behind.  11 is the stand out at this stage and the fact that it gets the most sun of all the back 9 greens is obviously a factor in its development.

Irrigation issues have continued this week with some pump problems cutting capacity once again but the courses are holding up exceptionally well.

I have said many times before the condition of the courses are a tribute to the work of my staff.  A couple of untimely and lengthy sick leave events and some planned annual leave has left us with an average of 13 on the courses during December which has been quite a stretch on the rest of the staff but they have done a great job as always.

I trust followers of the Blog will have a merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.


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