Friday, February 3, 2017

Another hot windy and dry week that made course maintenance difficult with a number of spraying jobs mounting up due to not being able to get out in the mornings due to wind.  The fairways are holding on a little better in this dry spell though, although with virtually no rain in the forecast for the next seven days it may not last.

These are also the conditions that really stretch the remaining Bentgrass greens on the West course.  Soil temperatures around 30 degrees and water from the holding dam being pumped out at high 20's is a recipe for disaster and this is the time of year that just about all you can do is hold on and hope they can pull through.  Remembering that Bentgrass roots start dying at soil temperatures above 25 degrees and we rarely get below 23 degrees so it is quite a battle.  The TifEagle on the other hand is thriving in the hot conditions.  At least there is only nine Bentgrass greens left now which makes it somewhat easier than past years.

Some irrigation issues at 12 West green means it may not open tomorrow as earlier planned as it isn't quite holding enough moisture throughout the day as well as the other TifEagle greens have done.  A near full field booked in tomorrow would exert too much pressure on the fledgling turf so we will err on the side of caution.  The others TifEagle greens continue to develop and on a suitable day of weather in the next two weeks they will receive quite a heavy sanding which will be one of the final steps in the leveling of the surface.

Next week will see us hopefully get back on top of the spray programs if the weather is kind.  We will also be re-turfing the two old bunker areas on 6 River to allow for better growth and the tree stump at the LHS of 12W will be covered and turfed.

Irrigation issues in the middle of 12W temporary as well!!

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