Friday, May 24, 2019

A fairly quiet week here at Cool Tweed with staff numbers still down on our normal roster.  The grass is still just moving along although divot recovery is getting slower which makes the use of sand all the more important when repairing your divots.
It is still quite moist on the courses with some annoying showers this week just keeping it that way.  Luckily we are a fairly good draining course as further up the coast a couple of courses are "carts on paths only" and some of their wet areas may be that way for some time to come.
A couple of irrigation issues again this week that required the system to be drained to allow for repairs.  It quite often does happen as the soil is so saturated and cooling down that you can get some pipe movement which will cause the leaks.
The PGA Championship has been run and won in fairly commanding fashion by Brooks Koepka but it was in the background that I was interested in.  Bethpage is a huge State Park as they call them and contains five golf courses amongst a range of other available activities.  Whilst the PGA took centre stage life still goes on elsewhere on the property.  There has been a big surge of interest in promoting bee hives on golf courses throughout the USA to promote the pollinators and Bethpage is no exception.  The photo below shows their hives just down from tee number 5 on the Black course.  So while Brooks was out there decimating the field the bee hives literally kept humming along!
5 tee just behind the trees!!

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