Friday, May 31, 2019

Another very quiet week on the courses with just routine maintenance carried out.  We are still very short of staff at the moment with just nine on the courses this week.  I went up to visit a fellow Super at his 36 hole course on Wednesday afternoon and he had 3 staff on annual leave but still had 24 on course!!  Oh I wish!!  Our crew certainly do a great job considering the small numbers and the amount of play they encounter as they go about their business.

It's a very busy golfing schedule coming up in June so our efforts will continue to present the courses as well as possible given our numbers and the lessening growth around the courses.  Single digit temperatures in the mornings really get the soil temperatures down and the growth really slows up as a result.  The greens on both courses received their second planned application this week to combat the range of diseases that can affect them throughout the winter. 

And from the history books comes a shot of 12W tee.  Not sure when it was taken but it must be in the 80's some time as the tee was very narrow and to the left of this one when I arrived.  It's amazing how much the trees have grown, particularly the Gums on the right side rough in the now photo from behind the hedge.

12W tee then.

12W tee now.

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