Friday, June 7, 2019

Another very quiet week on the courses with staff numbers still low but at least that does coincide with the low growth time.  Some more very cold mornings has really snapped the turf back with the greens in particularl losing colour and tightening up which is a natural reaction to the cold.
A windy week means lots of tree debris around on the playing surfaces which has been cleared as well as could be.  There is rain in the forecast too and dare I say it but we could do with a bit right now and hopefully it co-operates and comes down overnight and not spoiling golf.
And we got a chance to get the root pruner out for the first time this week with some work being done on 4 and 9 West fairway edges.  The machine cruised through the areas with some sizable roots encountered along the way.  The tractor has to move very slowly and so it is a job best done away from play for the safety of the operator.  There is very minor surface disruption following the pruning as can be seen below and even on very hard ground we were still getting up to 250mm of penetration.
6 slices evident on the RHS 9W.

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