Friday, June 14, 2019

The amazing run of warmer temperatures continues with a reading of 27 degrees in the compound today which allowed the opportunity for the West greens to get another de-thatching which for this time of year is nearly unheard of.  This is the operation where thatch is removed and the deeper you go the more surface disruption you have.  At this time of year it was only a shallow depth used and a large amount of dead material was removed as a result with virtually no surface disruption.  A definition of thatch is - The intermingled layer of living and dead grass stems, roots and other organic matter that is found between the soil surface and the leaf blades.   

In the photo below you can see the tungsten tip on the end of the blade which helps prolong the life of the blades as they wear very quickly.

Close up of the de-thatcher reel.

The US Open golf is obviously on this week and the course looks amazing.  The Monterey Peninsula where Pebble Beach GL is located is a very unique environment and not a very easy place to grow good turf.  Not only the proximity to the ocean and resultant seaspray but they have very variable conditions with winds coming up very quickly and abating and a lot of sea mist / fog.  Golf is very expensive there and to the credit of the owners they pour money back into the course to maintain the excellent conditions.  A crew of 40 maintain the course day to day and they have been bolstered by 100 volunteers for the week which includes six Australians.  The attention to detail all year round is astounding on the course but goes to the extreme come tournament time.  If you click on the link below it will take you to a video showing how they repair pitch marks.  

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