Friday, April 10, 2020

A dark and gloomy Good Friday which probably made staying home that bit more bearable.  On the courses it was pretty much back to normal with another 14mm overnight which left us very wet again!  That gives us another 31mm this week and the years total up to 1552mm.  As we are approaching the real slow down of the turf I doubt whether the areas the water has been lying for almost months now will recover as per the photo of the water pooled on 1R fairway this morning.  These areas are just not getting a chance to dry out and re-generate

An all to familiar site on 1R.

In turf management we get to deal with our own outbreaks of disease and unfortunately sometimes they can have devastating effects on the playing surface.  The struggles experienced by anyone trying to grow bentgrass greens in our climate is testament to that.  The diseases come with all sorts of names from Pythium, Fairy Ring, Dollar Spot, Brown Patch, Red Thread and Anthracnose to name a few.  A few photos below.

Pythium on 16W in the days of bentgrass.

Fairy Ring (fortunately not @ CTHGC!!)

Dollar Spot on 17W in the bentgrass era.

But I found another one this week that has been seen before, but this is probably the worst I have seen it and it was on the 328 practice green.  With the mosquito plague we have been experiencing lately a lot of insect repellent has been used.  Someone was applying some to their lower legs and oversprayed on to the green surface and the resultant burn to the turf is clearly evident.  So if you don't mind could you apply the repellent away from the turf please!!  

Aeroguard patch!!

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