Saturday, April 4, 2020

Certainly one of the weirdest weeks I have experienced on the courses with the closure then re-opening on Wednesday.  It was quite a different feeling driving around and working with no golfers although there were a million thoughts going through my mind of what we were going to be able to do without play.  One of those was a mini renovation on the greens which fortunately I didn't start although the River greens were sanded on Tuesday at a higher rate than normal which is going to make mowing a bit difficult for the short term as sand and mowers don't really like each other.

Well that didn't last long!!

We are fortunate to be open and it is very important that all the guidelines that are in place are strictly adhered to as there have been at least two courses in NSW that have been closed for contravening them.  It's also important for the welfare of the staff throughout the club who are interacting with you throughout this time that they stay fit and healthy.  So it's over to you members on this one!

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