Friday, July 31, 2020

160mm of rain last week end which was just about exactly what the bureau forecast and although badly needed with no irrigation system available it certainly put a dampener on the golf.  Some absolutely torrential rain came down on Saturday morning and the pool noodles in the putting cups did what they are supposed to do in a swimming pool and started to float. The torrent of rain was too much for the greens drainage to handle but the greens are designed so that the water can run off in times of such heavy rain.  Five minutes after the rain eased back to showers we were putting again.The photos below show 4W green during and after the rainfall and 15W green during from the safety of half way West.

4W green with a player on 9W next to the arrow!!
4W green 5 minutes later.

15 W green during.

About the only thing the bureau did miss last week end was this front that rolled through on Sunday evening and although only lasting a few minutes, it certainly packed a punch with very gusty winds and another torrential dump of rain.
Not really what was needed.

And finally late on Thursday we finally got the pump station pumping again following the successful replacement of some of the pipework.  It was a very awkward situation to work in as each of the three pieces had to be installed in a confined space and due to the nature of the pipes, each had to be precisely fabricated to fit.  Unfortunately it wasn't possible to ''buy off the shelf'' as explained last week and the photo below shows the three new pieces under the arrows and the tightness of the work area.  It was a great effort by Assistant Simon, Irrigation Tech Dave and Machinery Tech Craig to get the job done.

Arrows on the 3 new pipe sections.

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