Thursday, July 9, 2020

An early one this week as I am on leave for the next 10 days.  Only 31mm of rain overnight but it was enough to put us back under water again in many places.  We have never really dried out with the lower temperatures and high water table so it was expected.  The rain during today seemed to be very localised to the courses as there was plenty of blue sky on the horizon on several occasions during the day.  I had to travel to Yatala to pick up some parts for the pump filter and coming back over Tugun hill in bright sunshine there was Cool Tweed under a grey rainy cloud.  You could barely make out Pinehust high rise.

16W fairway Fiday morning with some blue sky in the distance.

The rain was certainly welcome on the greens though as the pumps have been down for much of the week with a four inch mainline needing repair at the rear of 12W green and then a flange gave way on the outlet side in the pump shed meaning we have no capacity to pump water for irrigation.  It's not easy to get some types of freight at the moment with the flight restrictions so we are still waiting on the replacement to arrive.

Mainline at rear 12W green.

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