Friday, January 15, 2021

One piece of data that I did miss in the 2020 rainfall summation was that December was the wettest ever which made it two months in 2020 creating a record with February also the wettest on record.  The previous wettest December was in 1955 when 488mm was recorded compared to 2020's total of 558mm and February's 953mm eclipsed the previous wettest which was in 1956 with 897mm.  It must have been a heck of a time on the Tweed from 1954 thru 1956 with two of the biggest floods on record affecting the area in those years and they were only eclipsed by the 2017 flood.

We got the greens collars on the West course renovated this week which is a great head start for next weeks greens renovation.  Here's hoping the forecast rain for Monday and Tuesday is wrong as dry conditions are highly desirable. The collars were scarified and cored then mown low to ''scalp'' the turf which helps prevent the formation of an ''edge or well'' effect on the perimeter of the green.  By doing the collars early we lessen the risk of contamination from the collar turf getting into the greens as well.

Scarify and core aerated.

After scalp mow.

I wonder what this Tawny Frog Mouth Owl had in its sights this morning as it looked set to pounce whilst perched on the NTP post at 15W but maybe it was just resting after a big night feasting on the plethora of insects available.

Waiting or resting?


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