Saturday, January 2, 2021

We finished the year with 2,735mm of rain which made it the third wettest behind 1999 with 2875mm and 1906 with 3,193mm.  It was certainly a year of contrasts though with extreme dry at the start of January and extreme wet in February again turning to extreme dry by November and then finishing off again with extreme wet in December.  The rainfall chart below tells the story of the year.

I was contemplating doing a "year that was" montage but then realised that the year was dominated by the weather events and of course Covid19.  Weather is certainly a dominant topic for the course at Cool Tweed and 2020 provided it all....and then some.

Perhaps in future when the seagulls congregate in numbers on 4W we know we are in for some rain.


Seagulls on 4W January 15 - nearly 250mm followed.

Seagulls on 4W December 12 - over 500mm followed!!

But in amongst all the wet we also had some dry.  It gets to a point where many 'non play' areas have the irrigation turned off to conserve water and this was the result on 15W below prior to the rains in December.

15W parched.

13W flooded in February.

1R flooded in December.

And don't be alarmed as it has all happened before and will happen again. 

1R 1996.

And it doesn't seem to matter what time of year we get the rain as in 2020 it was February and December and in 1996 it was May.

But no doubt the story of 2020 was Covid19 and its impact on society and the game of golf.  Golf has seen a boom in player numbers around the world with unprecedented numbers joining clubs and playing, many for the first time.  We have certainly seen a huge increase in play and it doesn't seem as though it is going to wane anytime soon.  Who knows what 2021 and beyond holds in store for us but below is an image I would like to forget.  Oh and if you have a pool use blue noodles as they don't fade as much as the pink ones do!!


Happy New Year and good golfing to all....

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