Friday, March 4, 2022

A huge day on the courses and a lot was achieved with a large amount of debris being picked up and water being pumped and drained.

A massive amount of water drained off the courses overnight Wednesday and not too much came back in on high tide on the mornings high tide at 11:30 which was a great relief. Hopefully now the tidal influence on water coming back in on the courses will be reduced.  The tidal water has been constantly inundating the short range and the water is so dirty that it leaves a deposit of silt each time which has built up to 150mm thick in places.  So we started to push off some of the sludge which I never thought we would have to do here at Coolangatta Tweed   We still have a long way to go with the recovery and have barely touched the West course as it's just too wet but if it doesn’t rain as predicted the end is definitely in sight.

We took the opportunity to dethatch the River greens on Thursday which helps pull out some of the sludge and salt that was deposited on them by the floodwater. We are also going to solid tine aerate them on Friday to get some oxygen to the roots   Pretty much the same operation will happen to the West greens on Friday as well.

A mostly dry driving range Thursday afternoon.

3mm deep dethatch on River greens.


Pushing the sludge off the chipping green.

And something I never ever ever expected to be doing at Cool Tweed.............




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