Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Well the rain gauge overflowed this morning so that means we had more than 275mm.  The courses are nowhere near as bad as last month but it does look like there is some silt on the short range again.  The river only just came over on to the road to 2R tee and the water has already started to recede as you can see in some of the photos from this morning which were taken on high tide.  There is a huge amount of water out there and with the rainfall totals from up the river I would expect some inundation from tidal water over the the next couple of high tides.
The river just came over the track to 2R tee @ high tide.  
A comparison behind 2R tee.

This time @ high tide and the river is 600mm below road level.

Last time - March 2.  

9R tee.

18W @ high tide.   Note the wash indicating how much has drained.


A comparison of 6R green.


6R green last time.

6R green this time.  Note the ''cleaner'' water.

15W green partially under - about ''normal'' for a big rain event.

Looking across 12 and 11R fairways.  All this water needs to go before we can get play back out there in any form.


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