Friday, April 24, 2020

Not the greatest comment last week when I said there was no rain in the forecast and then down it came on Saturday.  Alas it was only 2mm although it seemed like more which is now all we have had in fourteen days and with the high temperatures we are certainly drying out again.  The constant charge of motorised buggies down the fairways also has an impact on compaction and dryness with player numbers seemingly increasing on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, a breakdown meant the tree contractor didn't make it to site this week to start on the dead trees so next week will see that project start up.  We did get the palms trimmed up before the seed pods dropped and did a little bit of other trimming while the travel tower was onsite.  Next week will also see the drain on RHS 6R replaced.  This is in amongst all the normal routine maintenance that is still ongoing with the growth continuing across the courses which is good to see.

A bit of a lucky escape with a large 4 wheel drive being driven across 6R green.  It was a little weird though as you can normally pick up their tracks in the dew but on this occasion there were no visible marks of how they got on to the courses with no damage left behind.

6R green Thursday morning.

Hopefully tomorrow morning will see a great response to the call for Australians to stand in their driveway at 6am with a candle as a mark of respect on Anzac Day 2020 under the banner #lightupthedawn  Unfortunately I will be mowing greens so won't be able to join in but will certainly be thinking of the Diggers.  Michelle and I visited Gallipoli in 2010 and to say it is an incredibly moving place is an understatement.  Lest we forget. 

Lone Pine 10 years ago.


  1. Played thursday vets 30/4 pity the greens weren't mowed for the deep core of the club.why not John Allison.

  2. The River course greens were not mown on Wednesday or Thursday this week following sanding earlier in the week which was quite evident on the surface. We also had to apply a critical plant protection product to the greens which requires watering in. That operation should take four hours but with the speed of play at the moment we only had three hours available which gave us no time for mowing greens as well. We need to get the work done when we can which is very difficult as I mentioned given the speed and also the amount of play we are currently having. The decision by the ladies and vets captains to shift their start times back is of great assistance to us. Apologies for any inconvenience.

  3. Thank you Peter.
    John Allison


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